GIS Quick Reference Card

GIS Quick Reference Card

GIS Quick Reference Card

This quick reference card was originally prepared for the 2006 ESRI User Conference. It has undergone several revisions since then. We received a lot of positive feedback and provide this now as a PDF for anyone using GIS. The card includes:

  • Geographic Conversions from Minute/Second to Decimal Degree fractions
  • Optional Distance Units (ArcGIS specific)
  • Common Unit Conversions
  • Direction Systems and Degree Formats (ArcGIS Specific)
  • US Public Land Survey System Meridians
  • Townships, Section, and aliquot subdivisions
  • Common Data Types support by ArcGIS
  • Common VBA Operators and Functions
  • Common Map Scales and Equivalents
  • US State Plane Zone (NAD83)
  • US UTM Zones

The PDF size is 19.5 by 9 inches, so it doesn’t really fit nicely on standard printers but fits on tabloid. The final folded size is 6.5 x 9 inches.

We had several ESRI staff mention that ESRI should make something similar to this for ArcGIS. It looks like they did. ESRI has their ArcGIS specific version “ArcGIS Desktop Tips“.

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