Gilpin County Map

Gilpin County GIS Hosting & Services

Provide GIS support services and web hosting of the Gilpin County map. Existing data was migrated to ESRI’s Local Government Model and updated as necessary. Web mapping was migrated from Flex to Geocortex. All roads and address points were updated and now maintained in both the County GIS data and in the Sheriff’s Departments 911
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Mexico Location Map

Location map developed for a mining company developing a project in Mexico.

Carbon Valley

Carbon Valley Street Map

Street map with subdivisions developed for a local Realtor.

Surficial Geology

Pawnee – Smoky Hill Transmission Line

Maps and photographic simulations for the Pawnee-Smoky Hill transmission line.

Mineral Interests

Mineral Interests Map

Map designed to allow geologist to manage their companies mineral interests.

World Basemap

ArcGIS Server World Basemap

Created a 90-meter base map of the world including bathymetry for a client’s ArcGIS Server based on their color specifications.

Oil Production Potential

Oil Production Estimate Map

Work with geologists to estimate oil potential in a field based on oil-in-place calculations.

Bell Aire

Communications Facility Geovisualization

Photographic simulations of proposed communications facility in Larimer County, Colorado.

New Mexico Solar Potential

New Mexico Analysis

Analysis of potential transmission line corridors and solar facility locations in New Mexico.

Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona Transmission Map

Map of electric transmission lines in southern Arizona.

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